There are some steps to take if you would like to become a Christian - a follower of Jesus.

The first thing is to accept that you need his help to take away your sins and ask him to forgive you for the wrong things you've done in your life. Then ask him to be in your life and help you to live in a way to please him. You can pray a prayer something like this:

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I have done wrong in my life and that I have sinned against you. I ask you to forgive me, to take away my sins and to give me a fresh start. I pray that you will come in to my life and help me to live your way. Thank you for saving me and giving me the gift of eternal life. Amen.

Get hold of a Bible and start reading! We suggest starting in the book of Mark in the New Testament which is all about Jesus's life and miracles.

Tell someone about your decision. This will help to make it really firm in your mind.

Pray. You can talk to Jesus as you would a friend. You can ask for help or share worries with him, pray for friends and family or simply thank him for something good that has happened to you today.

Find a church. To build your new way of life it is good to meet other Christians and get to know more about Jesus. You will find friendship and support in meeting other followers of Jesus.